Time-Lapse Rail Parts List

Parts List

The schematics, code and parts list to get the Chronos Controller up and running is here over at the Project Chronos site.

When sourcing parts, Ebay is your friend, you need to search for some of the items listed here.:

Extra components needed for the 3D printed enclosure

  • 2.5mm Stereo Jack Socket Panel Mount (x2)
  • Black knobs (x2)
  • Momentary buttons (x4)
  • RJ45 8 pin connector (x1)
  • Short Ethernet cable (3ft)
  • 3mm push fit threaded inserts (x8)
  • Sugru
  • M3 screws (x8)

Parts needed for 3D printed Chronos Lite

  • Igus WS-10-40-10 Rail and carriage bearings
  • 8mm lead screw 1 meter (which Igus sells: PTGSG-08x1,5-R)
  • Anti-backlash nut suitable for lead screw (which Igus sells: JSRM-AB-2220-TR8x1,5)
  • 5mm to 8mm coupling
  • Copper tape
  • Limit Switches (x2)
  • RJ45 8 pin connector (x1)
  • M8 Heli-coils for feet (x4)
  • M8 threaded bar
  • mall stepper motor 
  • 8mm bearing
  • Sugru
  • Long M6 screws
  • M8 Tap to mount wide feet
  • Tripod head bolt
  • M3 screw
  • 3mm push fit threaded insert